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Release Of Liability

I am agreeing to participate in a lactation and/or postpartum support consultation with Central Coast Lactation.  Central Coast Lactation is a ran by a certified lactation support specialist. Aryel Sawdey holds the title of Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Birth doula. Aryel Sawdey is certified to perform the tasks and duties which may or may not take place during this support session as outlined in both scopes of practice.

Covid-19 Clarifications and Declaration for IN-HOME services: Due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic faced by the U.S. which has been accompanied by strict shelter-in-place orders by local counties, Central Coast Lactation is taking extra precaution to ensure the health and safety of our support specialists as well as the safety of each family with whom they come into contact. We will be practicing in-depth sanitization practices including frequent hand washing, mask-wearing when handling baby, social distancing when not having physical contact with mother and/or baby, and sanitization of each product and piece of equipment used throughout the support session. 

Sessions will be rescheduled if your Central Coast Lactation support specialist is experiencing a temperature of 100.3 degrees or higher or any other symptoms of illness. Parents are to also inform Central Coast Lactation if they or anyone else in the home is experiencing a temperature of 100.3 degrees or higher and if so, the session will be rescheduled. If paid services cannot be fulfilled within two weeks due to Central Coast Lactation’s inability to provide services in good faith, you will be provided a full refund. By signing this release, you declare that we have been invited to provide these services in person, in addition to your understanding that should anyone in your family be effected directly by Covid-19 following the administration of our services Central Coast Lactation will not be held liable physically or financially. No refunds for services will be provided due to the possible onset of Covid-19 following the administration of our services. 

This consultation may include visual and physical assessment of my breasts, observation of my baby nursing, visual and physical inspection of my baby’s mouth using gloved fingers for the purpose of examining suck patterns, and demonstrations of breastfeeding technique. I hereby permit the lactation specialist to assist me with any or all of the above. I understand that a more in-depth consultation with my physician or a referred provider may be needed and that all of my concerns may or may not have been solved upon completion of this consultation or any future consultations provided by Central Coast Lactation.

The services provided by the Central Coast Lactation’s certified lactation specialist are not a guarantee of specific results. These services are in no way intended as medical advice or to serve as a substitute for medical counseling. The recommendations provided should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. The scope of these consultation services does not include prescription of medication, treatment for, or diagnosis of specific illnesses or diseases for myself or my infant/s. In the case that a specific health issue beyond our scope of practice is suspected, a referral to another provider may be suggested.

I understand that a certified lactation specialist is not a registered nurse, pediatrician, physician, or other licensed medical professional and they practice within a limited scope of lactation services. Should I desire to obtain a copy of the scope of practice one can be provided upon request.

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